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Who We Are

Select Benefits Plus team of benefit advisors specialize in benefit programs for your employees. Our team understands the demands placed on employers and the growing challenges of attracting and retaining good employees.

We understand the importance of relating to each employee in a one-on-one sit down to determine their individual concerns and needs.  We always take the time to ensure that each employee understands their benefits and how the integration of supplemental benefits will offset or eliminate gaps in their coverage.

The Founder of Select Benefits Plus of NE is Francis Marcellino.  Frank is President and still very active with clientele.  He oversees the day-to-day activity and is very much involved with the future vision and strategy of Select Benefits Plus of NE.
Unfolding Supplemental Benefits one employee at a time
Select Benefits Plus of NE

Frank Marcellino, President      
 Ph: 603.682.4306
email:  frank@SelectBenefitsNE.com

The BIO Team Leadership - Benefits Integration & Organization
Ask your Select Benefits advisor/enroller
Step 1:  Confirm Employee Census Data
              Marital Status | Dependents | Address | Emergency Contact | Beneficiary

Step 2:  Confirm Core Benefits
              Co-Pay | ER Deductible | Hospital Deductible | Out-of-Pocket
                 Major Medical | Dental | Vision | Life Insurance

Step 3:  Explanation of Supplemental Benefits
              Gap Insurance Options - Voluntary Benefits paid by Employee via Payroll Deduction
                 Short Term Disability | Accident | Hospital | Cancer | Life | Dental | Vision

Step 4 Supplemental Benefits ROI
              Summary of Annual Return-On-Investment of Voluntary Benefits
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