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Select Benefits Plus is a brokerage firm that specializes in voluntary supplemental benefits.  We serve and partner with a strong clientele in demanding work environments, both in the private and public sector since 1970.

Our capabilities allow us to integrate supplemental benefits into multi-layers within an organization to deliver seamless support unlike any other brokerage firm in northern New England.  We have developed systems to remove the burden on human resources.

Our Benefit Advisors first educate employees on their existing health insurance coverage.  We find many employees need a better understanding of their current benefits.  We then introduce one or more supplemental benefit plans to offset out-of-pocket exposure or gaps in coverage personalized to their individual needs and lifestyle.  

We complete the integration of supplemental benefits with claim customer service that truly rewards the employer and emloyee.  The result is a very educated work force that understands their overall benefits and receives outstanding service when benefits are activated in the event of an injury or illness.  There are many payoffs for a business owner when we deliver outstanding service on all fronts.

Our billing and claims capabilities deliver unprecedented service that has separated our brokerage firm from any and all competition.  Feel free to request a demonstration that will bring relief to any concerns that a company may have with regards to adding supplemental benefits for their employees.  You will not be dissappointed.
Unfolding Supplemental Benefits one employee at a time
Select Benefits Plus of NE
Select Benefits Plus
delivers seamless support throughout your organization for the employee.
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